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In addition to my work as a performer, I am a passionate teacher.


As part of my graduate coursework, I studied Vocal Pedagogy and since then have taught students of various ages and skill levels. See below for more information on my teaching philosophy and services offered. I currently teach voice and beginner piano at Charleston Academy of Music.

For inquiries, pricing and scheduling, please contact me at


Ages 6-10: combined beginner piano and musicianship lessons


The voice is, in large part, a muscle, making it important to tread lightly with younger students. If you have a younger child who loves to sing, lessons can be the perfect opportunity to give them a solid grounding in musicianship, rhythm, and keyboard skills. I provide exercises and songs that are age appropriate for younger students and that focus on building confidence as well as basic skills in a fun and engaging way. Where appropriate, I recommend that students aim to perform in a recital or for family and friends as a way of demonstrating their skills in a supportive environment. 

Ages 11-18: intermediate voice, audition preparation

I have a strong grounding in and appreciation for both the joys and challenges that come with the developing voice. Singing lessons at this age can provide students of all levels with the opportunity to express themselves, as well as allow them to participate in various musical groups and productions. Where applicable, I am also able to assist with preparing college pre-screening recordings and provide advice on audition preparation. 

Adult learners


Looking to re-ignite your love of singing or dive in for the first time? I particularly enjoy working with adult learners of all levels. Whether you are looking to improve your sight reading, gain more confidence to sing hymns in church, or hoping to increase your appreciation of and understanding of music, I would look forward to helping you along your journey.

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