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Get to know me


Welcome! For more official music-related bios, please click HERE.


I identify as a generalist. What does that mean? Rather than someone who has delved into only one area of expertise, I have prioritized developing a set of skills and way of thinking that allows me to move from one topic to another with ease and to make meaningful connections between them.

To me, music is powerful primarily because of its ability to connect us one to another through storytelling and live performance. In a time where technology and change are moving faster than ever, I find myself continuously coming back to my artistic practice as a means of expression, but also of community building and processing the world.

I am the founder of DC Singer Collective, a group dedicated to promoting artist-led programming and making music in a supportive environment. I write and advocate around what it means to be an artist in the world today: my interests include alternative economic models of support, community and individual well-being, equity and accessibility. It is my belief that artists have the most to give to the world when they themselves are respected and can take steps to ensure their own financial, physical and mental health without stigma.


I also have a love of cheesy jokes, exploring new and old cities, and hanging out with my cat, who is the best one in the world (fight me on that!). 


For more on my work in arts administration and organizational development/learning, check out my LinkedIn. 


Some of my superpowers:


  • Having and facilitating difficult conversations

  • Leaning into opportunities for learning & change

  • Making people laugh

  • Endless curiosity and an understanding that there is always another perspective to the story:  I have my early obsession with history to thank for that!

  • A deep-seated belief in the importance of respecting all humans equally: I look for ways to prioritize well-being over exploitative practices


Thanks for stopping by!

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