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Community Building & Facilitation

I have always been fascinated by the intersection of the arts, history, and culture. Music gives us a space to experience new worlds, share stories, and imagine better possibilities.

Below, you'll find a grouping of some of my activities related to scholarship, advocacy and community building.

DC Singer Circle
March 2020-Present

  • I founded a group dedicated to building community and fostering difficult conversations and connection among the classical singer community, in part in response to the economic and emotional devastation of COVID-19

  • I model vulnerability and honesty in a field that has traditionally been dominated by forces that keep musicians and artists apart

  • Guided by principles of Mutualism, I am exploring ways to create spaces that can foster an increasingly collaborative understanding of what it means to be an artist in a shifting world


"Is Life Not an Eternal New Beginning? Germaine Tailleferre's Marchand d'oiseaux
Swarthmore College, 2012


  • Winner, Melvin B. Troy Prize in Music and Dance

  • As part of this project, I restored the original score of Tailleferre's 1923 ballet and collaborated with the Swarthmore College Orchestra to present a lecture-performance. Music from the ballet had not been heard in the US since 1929.

"En français: A Contextual Analysis of French Baroque Vocal Pedagogy"

  • Research focusing on Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729) and her solo vocal cantata, "Le sommeil d'Ulisse"

  • An examination of the specific vocal demands placed on contemporary singers and the potential pedagogical concerns that occupied vocalists and teachers during the late 17th and early 18th centuries in France

  • Led to a performance of de la Guerre's music with Early Music Princeton

Project Pomegranate

  • Research, writing and performance focused on the intersection between mental health struggles, neurodiversity, creativity, and myth

Organizational Consulting & Facilitation

  • To learn more about my work as a consultant building diverse, equitable and sustainable workplaces, check out Peoplism (and subscribe to our newsletter!)

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